Top 5 Reasons to Use Porous Capsicum Plasters for Back Pain

Release time:2023-12-28    Click:175

Back pain can stop you in your tracks and make daily activities difficult. While oral painkillers provide relief, they can have adverse side effects. A safer option is using porous capsicum plasters, which leverage the power of capsaicin for targeted back pain relief. Here are the top 5 reasons to use them:

1. Extended Pain Relief

The porous adhesive allows better absorption of capsaicin into the skin giving longer-lasting pain relief. Whereas regular capsicum plasters provide around 8 hours of relief, porous plasters provide up to 12 hours of consistent back pain relief. The extended coverage period means fewer daily applications.

2. Faster Acting

You feel the benefits faster with more direct absorption into the skin's receptors. Porous plasters start providing warming pain relief within 10-15 minutes. When back pain flares up, you want quick results.

3. Lower Skin Irritation

The porous adhesive is more breathable, reducing sweat buildup that leads to skin irritation. With less risk of rashes or skin inflammation, porous plasters are gentler on the skin.

 4. Flexible and Comfortable

The thin porous material contours smoothly to the body for maximum comfort. The breathability keeps it from peeling up or falling off, even with movement and bending. You can go about your day with ease.

5. Water Resistant

The porous plaster maintains integrity even when wet. You can shower or exercise without affecting adhesion. The waterproof backing ensures the capsaicin stays put on your skin for uninterrupted relief.

With faster relief, greater comfort, and extended coverage, porous capsicum plaster is an effective option for back pain. The better absorption enhances the natural pain-relieving properties of capsaicin. If oral pain medication provides inadequate relief or causes side effects, try this topical plaster.

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