What to Know About Pain Relief Patch for Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain

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Arthritis is a common cause of chronic joint pain, affecting over 54 million adults. Muscle sprains, strains, and soft tissue injuries are also notoriously painful.

Topical pain relief patches allow direct medication delivery to affected joints, tendons, and muscles without circulating through the whole body. As you wear the patch, the medication penetrates deep below the skin's surface to block pain signals right at the source. Pain patches provide consistent localized relief for up to 12 hours without peaks and valleys of oral medication.

How Transdermal Pain Patches Work

Pain relief patches contain the active medication embedded in an adhesive layer that sticks to clean, dry skin near the area of pain. The medication dissolves from the adhesive into the outer skin layers and is absorbed by the local blood vessels underneath.

It accumulates in the tissues below the patch, taking effect around nerves, pain receptors, joints, and muscle tissue in that region. The drug blocks inflammatory proteins called prostaglandins and pain pathway neurotransmitters. This provides targeted analgesic relief.

Types of Medications in Pain Patches 

Lidocaine patches like Lidoderm relieve pain by locally numbing nerve fibers. Lidocaine patches effectively reduce arthritis, backache, muscle soreness, and neuropathic pain from shingles or diabetes.

Diclofenac patches contain the NSAID diclofenac that alleviates inflammation and swelling around joints and muscles. Diclofenac patches work well for osteoarthritis, strains, sprains, and sports injuries.

Capsaicin derived from chili peppers disrupts pain signal transmission. Capsaicin creams can relieve arthritis, neuropathy, and musculoskeletal aches when applied topically. 

In summary, topical pain relief patches allow for the targeted delivery of analgesic medication to affected joints, muscles, and nerves. Give pain patches a try for consistent localized relief that gets to the source of your ache or arthritis flare.