What to Look for When Buying CBD Patches Online

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With CBD patches growing in popularity for conditions like pain, anxiety, and sleep, the market has exploded with different products claiming various benefits. However, not all CBD patches are created equal when it comes to effectiveness and safety. 

The key things to evaluate when purchasing CBD patch products online:

Analyze the Ingredients 

- Full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate? Full and broad spectrum contain other cannabinoids and terpenes

- Dosage/potency per patch and per active ingredients like CBD, THC 

- Other ingredients like menthol, oils, or botanical extracts  

Assess Third Party Lab Testing

- Reputable companies test for purity and potency

- Check for recent lab reports from an ISO-certified facility

- Tests confirm the stated amounts of CBD, THC, and contaminants  

Research the Company and Brand 

- Established companies more likely to produce quality, compliant patches 

- Read online customer reviews on effectiveness and side effects   

- Check industry expert recommendations 

Evaluate Product Packaging

- Should prevent exposure to light or air to preserve freshness

- Clear labeling with dosage, ingredients, and warnings 

- Tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging preferred  

Consider Price and Value

- Balance affordability with quality ingredients & manufacturing

- Higher price doesn't always mean better patches

- Check price per mg of CBD for best value

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