menstrual pain relief patch - Available for Retail or OEM

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Menstrual pain relief patch

Millions of women worldwide experience painful cramps and discomfort associated with menstruation. While over-the-counter medications provide some relief, they can come with unwanted side effects. A safe, natural solution is KONGDY's menstrual pain relief patches. These innovative patches deliver effective cramp relief directly through the skin so you can get on with your day in comfort.

KONGDY's menstrual patches contain a unique blend of active ingredients specially formulated to provide targeted relief from common period symptoms like:

- Painful abdominal cramps

- Muscle aches 

- Lower back pain

- Fatigue

Key natural components in menstrual pain relief patches include:

- Menthol - Cools and numbs cramps

- Magnesium - Relaxes muscles

- Vitamin D - Soothes mood and fatigue

- Lavender Oil - Calms the senses

- Ginger - Reduces inflammation

The ingredients are continuously delivered through a transdermal patch that sticks directly to the skin near pain points. This results in up to 12 hours of concentrated cramp relief and muscle relaxation right where you need it most. 

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Benefits of KONGDY Menstrual Pain Relief Patches:

- On-the-spot relief from cramping 

- All-natural formula avoids side effects

- Small and discreet for wearing under clothes

- Continued effects while the patch is worn

- Waterproof yet breathable material  

KONGDY menstrual patches are available both for retail purchase and as an OEM product. Retail packages cater to individual customers with sample packs or monthly supplies. OEM options allow other brands to customize patches with their formula, design, and packaging.

Give your customers or users better period symptom relief with KONGDY transdermal patches. Our innovative patches outperform pills by delivering natural pain relief ingredients directly through the skin. Reduce monthly discomfort and help women feel their best with effective cramp relief from KONGDY.