pain relief patch—Cold & Hot Gel Patch

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Find Targeted Pain Relief with KONGDY Gel Patches 

KONGDY Pain Relief Patch offers an innovative line of Cold and hot Gel Patches that provide effective pain relief through hot and cold therapy. These reusable patches offer a convenient alternative to oral pain medication.

How Do the KONGDY  Pain Patches Work?

The thin, flexible patches apply directly to the skin. They conform to the contours of the body to target sore areas more precisely. The hot and cold therapy reduces inflammation and soothes muscle and joint aches.

Types of KONGDY Gel Patches

KONGDY has two main product lines:

Cold Gel Patches

The cooling effect reduces swelling and inflammation. Benefits include:

- Headache relief

- Reducing fever 

- Easing back pain

- Treating sprains and strains

Hot Gel Patches 

The warmth helps stimulate blood flow and relax muscles. Benefits include:

- Easing arthritis, neck and shoulder pain

- Reducing cramps and stiffness

- Treating spasms 

- Relieving stress

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Why Choose KONGDY Pain Relief Patch?

- Long-lasting pain relief for up to 8 hours

- Reusable and easily adjustable 

- Ultra-thin design for comfort and wearability

- Waterproof and sweat-proof

- Soft texture won't stick to hair or clothing

- Menthol and capsicum provide additional relief

Tips for Using KONGDY Pain Relief Patch

Apply the patch directly to clean, dry skin in the bothersome area. Avoid direct contact with wounds or irritated skin. Follow dosage guidelines and do not exceed the recommended duration of use. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

Experience customizable, mess-free pain relief with KONGDY Cold & Hot Gel Patches. Shop our collection today!