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suffering from chronic pain conditions. Seeking an effective and safe solution to alleviate pain and improve quality of life? pain relief patch by Kangdi offers targeted drug delivery for sustained pain management without the side effects of oral medication.

As a leading pain-relieving patch OEM manufacturer in China, Kangdi specializes in the custom development and production of pain-relieving transdermal patches. With our advanced facilities and expertise, we develop innovative pain patch products that meet your specific needs.

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Our OEM Capabilities:

- Formulation development: Our R&D team designs the patch formula with your selected API and required release mechanism - fast-acting or extended-release.

- Adhesive matrix selection: We select ideal adhesive matrices like acrylate copolymers, and PIB to enable controlled drug release and absorption.

- Backing film design: The breathable backing film ensures patch integrity during wear.

- Efficient manufacturing: Our automated lines are capable of producing various batch sizes of patches under stringent quality control.

- Customized packaging: Different packaging options are available including sachets and cartons tailored to your branding.

- Rigorous testing: All products undergo extensive laboratory testing for quality, efficacy, and safety. Stability studies are also conducted.

- Regulatory compliance: We ensure the patches comply with ISO13485、CE and EC standards. All required documents were provided.

Partner with Kangdi for High-Quality OEM Pain Patches

As a trusted CDMO, Kangdi safeguards your IP and provides full confidentiality. Benefit from our expertise in manufacturing efficacious pain relief patches that promote your brand. Contact us today!