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pain relief patches are adhesive patches that are placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of medication through the skin into the bloodstream. They provide a convenient way to administer pain relief medication without the need for oral dosing. As a drug delivery system, transdermal patches have several advantages over oral medication:

Why Use Transdermal Pain Relief Patches?

- Avoid potential side effects of oral medication on the gastrointestinal tract 

- Provide steady delivery of medication over a prolonged period, avoiding blood level peaks and valleys

- Bypass first-pass metabolism in the liver, allowing lower dosages

- Easy to use and discreet 

- Patients can control when to apply or remove the patch

How Do Transdermal Pain Relief Patches Work? 

Transdermal patches contain the active drug compound in a reservoir or matrix form. An adhesive layer sticks the patch to the skin allowing the medication to pass through the skin into the bloodstream. The medication spreads through the capillaries under the skin and enters circulation.

Factors like drug solubility, skin permeability, and patch design impact the drug absorption rate. Occlusive backing on the patch also enhances absorption.

Types of Medications Delivered via Transdermal Patches

- Opioids like fentanyl for severe pain

- Lidocaine patches for neuropathic pain

- Diclofenac patches for joint and muscle pain 

- Capsaicin patches for neuropathy and arthritis

 Benefits of Using KONGDY Pain Relief Patches

As a leading transdermal patch manufacturer, KONGDY produces high-quality adhesive pain relief patches leveraging patented technology. 

Our patches provide:

- Precise drug delivery for consistent pain relief

- Extended patch wear time of up to 24 hours

- Superior adhesion with no rolling or falling off

- Customizable sizing and drug dosages

- Good skin tolerability and breathability 

- Simple and mess-free application

With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced R&D capabilities, KONGDY develops innovative pain relief transdermal patches tailored to your needs. Contact us today to find out how our patches can help your patients better manage pain!

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