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Transdermal Pain Patch Manufacturer - KONGDY

Transdermal pain patches from KONGDY provide targeted medication delivery for chronic and acute pain management. As a leading manufacturer of pain patches, KONGDY utilizes innovative technology to create effective pain relief solutions.


- 30+ years experience developing transdermal patches

- State-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China

- ISO 13485 certified for quality management

- Full range of patches for pain relief and beyond

- OEM/ODM design and production capabilities  

KONGDY Transdermal Pain Patch Products

KONGDY offers an extensive selection of pain relief patches containing proven ingredients:

Lidocaine Patches

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that temporarily numbs pain signals. KONGDY lidocaine patches provide fast-acting relief for back pain, arthritis, injuries, and more.

Diclofenac Patches

Diclofenac is an anti-inflammatory that inhibits COX enzymes to reduce swelling and discomfort. KONGDY diclofenac patches treat joint, muscle, and chronic pain.

Menthol Patches

Menthol provides a cooling sensation by stimulating cold receptors in the skin and joints. KONGDY menthol patches relieve backaches, sore muscles, and arthritis. 

Capsaicin Patches  

Capsaicin depletes substance P to interfere with pain signal transmission. KONGDY capsaicin patches target neuropathic pain and arthritis.

Ketoprofen Patches

Ketoprofen is an NSAID that blocks the production of prostaglandins, chemicals that cause inflammation and pain. KONGDY ketoprofen patches provide long-lasting relief from muscle and joint pain.

Partner with KONGDY

As an experienced pain patch manufacturer, KONGDY can develop custom formulations and packaging:

- Private-label manufacturing

- Custom ingredients and doses

- Unique patch shapes and sizes

- Custom packaging and labeling 

KONGDY utilizes the latest transdermal technology to optimize pain relief. Contact us today to create your effective pain management patches.

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